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Backflow Testing

Backflow isn’t often talked about when it comes to home dangers, but if left undetected and untreated, it can cause serious issues both for your household and the households of those in your community. In order to prevent this issue, backflow prevention devices are installed in most properties. 

According to New York City Environmental Protection, “Backflow prevention devices prevent contaminated water or chemicals from flowing back into the public drinking water supply system. Certain types of properties are legally mandated to install and operate backflow prevention devices.”

To check if your backflow prevention device is working properly, you’ll need to have backflow testing conducted by experts like us at Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair.

What is a Backflow?

When your fresh tap and drinking water comes through pressurized water taps and enters your home from the main water supply line, it should only ever flow in one direction. On rare occasions, water may flow in the reverse direction, which is a condition called backflow. 

Backflow can be triggered by a water main break or heavy demand at a water hydrant. A shift in pressure can cause the flow of water to change direction, contaminating clean water with polluted water. With backflow, water will become unfit for human consumption and may contaminate your community’s drinking water supply.

With backflow, water will become unfit for human consumption and may contaminate your community’s drinking water supply.

What Does a Backflow Do?

Backflow can be extremely problematic. It can lead to pipe corrosion, as well as leaks, breaches, and other water system problems. One of the most critical concerns is health. When water from the municipal sewer system returns to your home, it may contain contaminants such as human waste and harmful chemicals. 

This exposes you to several health risks. It may take some time for the water’s quality and flavor to change, but by that point, it is already dangerous to humans and pets. Backflow can be hazardous and have a significant impact if it is not handled. 

How Does Backflow Occur?

Backflow can be caused by two main factors:

    1. Backpressure: If the pressure in your plumbing exceeds the pressure in your freshwater distribution system, it won’t take much for the sewer system pressure to raise to create backpressure backflow. Backflow problems can occur in pressurized systems such as boilers, elevated tanks, and pumps that transport water to higher floors.
    2. Backsiphonage: Backflow might occur if the water pressure drops substantially as a result of an excessive consumption or withdrawal rate. This is particularly common during firefighting crises or other municipal drainage operations.

    Backflow Testing Process

    Backflow testing has two key objectives. The first step is to determine whether backflow is there, and the second is to figure out what’s generating it. This process will allow our skilled plumbers to find the proper solutions. 

    Then, the techniques for testing the actual backflow prevention devices include utilizing the backflow testing device’s gate valves and relief valves. The professional tester will essentially close valves and look for areas where there is a differential gauge movement, water leakage, or other obvious symptoms of backflow.

    Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair professional plumbers can discover problems and establish the best path to a solution for your needs if an issue occurs utilizing a mix of pressure testing, visual inspection, and other measures.

    What is Backflow Repair?

    If backflow is discovered in the water system after testing, backflow repair must be performed as soon as possible to restore the water assembly to its original condition. 

    Standard Procedure for Backflow Repair

    Backflow repair will usually focus on repairing backflow prevention devices. The technicians will coordinate with the owner of the house or building that needs backflow repairing. Our professional technicians will determine which areas of the backflow prevention devices need replacements or repairs during the backflow testing process. The professional technicians will coordinate with the house or building’s owner to begin repairs.

    Finally, our experts at Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair will restore your water system to its former state, assuring you of long-term results and giving you peace of mind that the water is safe for the people around you and that it will perform correctly in the long run.

    Benefits of Backflow Testing with Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair

    Here are a few of the benefits of working with us: 


    Backflow testing regularly will maintain your water clean and safe to drink. It will also ensure that your water system will not be harmed by backflow.

    Easy Scheduling

    Our complete backflow testing procedure is simple to organize. You can schedule your regular maintenance, and our professional crew will come to your site to test the backflow. You can request and schedule your backflow test at the same time, and you won’t have to call us every time.


    Backflow testing will not interrupt your plans in any manner. You do not need to be there when our professional team works on the water system. Unless it is inside the house, you only need to authorize our people, and you’re good to go.

    Get the Most Out of Your Money

    We make sure that you receive the most value for the money. Our effective services and long-term results will reduce your tension while maximizing the functionality of your backflow preventers.

    Gives Peace of Mind

    Since we make sure to provide the best quality service, you can be assured that your house, business, and loved ones are safe.

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    Backflow is a serious issue that, if not addressed appropriately, can become a major problem. It may be frightening to imagine the possible risks, which is why you should leave your backflow testing needs in the hands of experts. 

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