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Backflow Installation

Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair offers superior backflow installation services in residential and commercial settings in the greater Atlanta area. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so we are qualified to meet the backflow needs of homeowners and business owners in the state.

We also provide backflow testing and repair services for the convenience of our clients. Our expert technicians are consistently prompt, respectful, and professional, so our customers can count on getting the best results every time.

Find out what backflow is and what a backflow preventer is. Discover why backflow preventers are important and how they are installed.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow refers to the sudden, unwelcome reversal of the natural water flow in the supply system. It causes filthy water to contaminate the clean water supply.

Backflow can potentially transpire because of two reasons:

  • Back Pressure: This is generated by pressure in the system that is higher compared to its supply. It commonly happens in unvented heating systems when the pressure rises because of thermal expansion.
  • Backsiphonage: This is brought about by pressure in the system that is lower compared to its supply. It usually takes place when there is an unexpected interruption in the system.

Backflow can happen at various points in a water supply, ranging from pipes to water fixtures.

What Is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is defined as a plumbing device that keeps the water from flowing back in the reverse direction within the supply system. It also prevents the flow reversal of other forms of liquids, gases, and suspended solids.

It uses a mechanized valve system to halt the backward movement of water in case of system issues like back pressure or backsiphonage. The device typically includes relief valves, air inlets, and check valves. Specialized valves may also be utilized if there is not enough space to install an air gap.

Backflow preventers are popularly used by businesses all over the globe. They are also considered as a requirement in most building codes in the U.S. These codes typically recommend the usage of these preventive devices in conjunction with plumbing measures to minimize and avoid the occurrence of backflow in water systems.

These devices are commonly utilized in ordinary plumbing systems. However, they may also be used in certain water systems where water must be contained. These include fire sprinkler systems, swimming pools, lawn irrigation, and industrial water supplies.

Do I Really Need a Backflow Preventer?


A backflow preventer is necessary for all residential and commercial settings.

In particular, the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management states, “The City of Atlanta expects all affected property owners to have backflow prevention assemblies installed and tested before your business opens.”

These are some of the major benefits of installing a backflow preventer device for homeowners and business owners:

Backflow Installation Protects the Health of Residents and Workers

Backflow causes the potable water supply in a house or office to be contaminated by dangerous pollutants, chemicals, and debris. These harmful substances could negatively affect the health of people who drink or use the water on a daily basis. Installing backflow preventers can protect the well-being of residents and professionals by keeping the water supply clean and hygienic.

Backflow Installation Prevents Costly Damage To Water Systems

Backflow can gradually or suddenly cause damage to pipe systems. This damage will result in an expensive, lengthy repair process. While installing backflow preventers does involve a certain cost, this initial investment may prevent homeowners and business-oriented people from incurring bigger repair expenses in the future.

Backflow Installation Ensures That Building Code Requirements Are Properly Met

Backflow installation enables residents and professionals to successfully meet the requirements of building codes in the city and state. As a result, they will not incur costly penalties or experience service interruptions that could disrupt their personal and work schedule.

How Is a Backflow Preventer Installed?

The backflow installation procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • Our team of backflow professionals will inspect and analyze the water supply system.
  • Our backflow experts will pinpoint the ideal position to install a backflow preventer within the plumbing system.
  • They will create a prevention backflow plan for the property. They will submit it to the local government for approval if necessary.
  • Our team will proceed with the actual installation of the backflow prevention device.
  • We will perform an initial inspection to confirm that the device was installed properly and is functioning correctly.

What Other Backflow Services Are Related to Backflow Installation?

Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair provides other types of backflow services related to backflow installation. Here is an overview of these services:

Backflow Repair

We stop the backflow process, which may occur in the event of cross-connections with other systems or the malfunctioning of backflow prevention devices. We address the issues caused by this problem. We take measures to prevent backflow from occurring in residential or commercial facilities. 

Backflow Testing

We test the supply system to discover if backflow is taking place. We evaluate the system to pinpoint the cause behind the backflow. This procedure enables backflow professionals to figure out what the suitable solution is for the backflow issue.

Our team will inspect and test the relief valves and gate valves of the backflow preventer. They will close the valves and identify areas where there is a water leakage, an irregular gauge movement, and other signs of backflow.

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Backflow preventers can make a significant difference in the cleanliness of the water supply in houses, apartment buildings, offices, industrial complexes, healthcare centers, and other settings.

Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair is the ideal choice for Atlanta-based individuals who are interested in having backflow preventers installed in homes or business establishments. We provide exceptional customer service by answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

Our skilled, experienced team can complete the backflow installation process in a speedy, efficient manner. They deal with clients courteously and treat properties respectfully. Their vehicles have a full stock of backflow parts, so they are always prepared to perform comprehensive backflow work.

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