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Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair is a local company that specializes in backflow testing, repair, and installation. We offer our excellent services to homeowners and business owners in Southside Atlanta and other surrounding areas.

We ensure that your drinking water is safe and clean by efficiently installing, testing, and troubleshooting backflow prevention devices in residential and commercial facilities in the state of Georgia.

Our professional team is equipped with the proper tools and experience to solve your backflow issues. Read on to learn more about our outstanding backflow services.

Superior Services by Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair

Why Our Backflow Services Are Essential

Backflow is a plumbing term that refers to the undesired flow of water in the wrong direction. It is caused by cross-connections that allow contaminants to enter the drinking water system. Backflow is considered a significant health risk because it can contaminate potable water with dirty water. Two reasons commonly cause backflow:

Back Pressure

This occurs when there is higher pressure in the plumbing system than the available water supply.


This happens when the supply pressure becomes lower because of a system interruption.

Backflow Repair Warehouse

Building codes have required specific methods and prevention devices to minimize or prevent backflow. However, backflow is unavoidable in some cases. That’s why the backflow services of Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair are valuable in residential and business facilities. 

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Backflow testing

Our backflow testing services will enable you to check if your drinking water is contaminated by dirty water infiltrating the water supply.

Water in your plumbing system is set at normal pressure to let the water move properly from one area to another. If the pressure increases or decreases beyond the normal range, it is possible for dirty water from the storage or ground to be absorbed into the system.

We can confirm if the water in your house or office is flowing in the correct direction or not. As a result, we can ensure that your drinking water is clean and sanitary.

Based on the results of backflow testing, our specialists can recommend if you need backflow repair services or not.

Backflow Repair

The backflow repair services of our company restore the function of your backflow prevention devices. We bring back the ability of these devices to prevent backflow in your home or business facility. Backflow prevention devices are installed in certain portions of your plumbing system that are vulnerable to the entry of contaminated water. These implements are helpful and functional. However, these devices can fail on some occasions. Our specialists have the necessary skills and knowledge to remedy the situation in these cases. This is how we typically diagnose and repair your backflow prevention devices:

  • We carefully review the hydraulic conditions in your area, including the pressure fluctuations and temperature.
  • We analyze how the backflow prevention assembly is installed.
  • We identify the model and size of the device.
  • We pinpoint if specific damaged rubber parts need to be replaced.
    As a result, we can fix your backflow prevention device and restore it to its original working state using the appropriate tools and equipment.
Backflow Installation

We install backflow prevention devices in your house or office to minimize or prevent the occurrence of backflow.

These devices guide the water in your plumbing system to travel in the right direction. They can help you avoid the danger of water contamination caused by backflow.

3 Types of Backflow Protection Installation Methods

We may potentially use one of three popular types of backflow protection installation techniques:

1. Individual Protection

We can install the device at a specific section within the property that is possibly susceptible to contamination.

2. Containment Protection

We may install the device at the property boundary. The ideal spot is the downstream area of the meter assembly that is connected to the property.

3. Zone Protection

We may install the device in an isolated spot located within the property.

3 Types of Backflow Protection Devices


There are three common types of backflow protection devices that you can choose from:

Registered Break Tank

A registered tank refers to an air gap that separates the incoming water supply from the downstream water system. This tank features an air gap on the water inlet to the tank. It also includes an overflow that is below the level of the air gap.
This device is part of a backflow prevention management system. It is appropriate to utilize during high-risk situations.
Take note that registered break tanks need to be tested at commissioning. These devices also need to be tested after maintenance sessions and every year by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer

A reduced pressure zone device has two non-return valves that perform independently. The water will flow through the device only if there is enough pressure to move the valve springs.
A relief valve may be found in between the two non-return valves. This relief valve opens only under the conditions of backflow.

Double Check Valve

The double check valve is a device that features two non-return, spring-loaded valves in a series. Each valve works independently.
The water will flow through the valves only if there is enough pressure to affect the valve springs.

We can install the type of backflow protection device that suits your personal or professional needs and preferences.

Benefits of the Services of Southside Atlanta Backflow Repair

These are some of the critical benefits of requesting backflow installation, testing, and repair services from our team:

Protect Your Health

Backflow can contaminate your drinking water with different types of pathogens.
Pathogens are microorganisms that cause diseases. For instance, shigella is a kind of bacteria that leads to diarrhea and gastroenteritis. Other examples of pathogens are salmonella, E. coli, cyanobacteria, and giardia.
Backflow can also poison your potable water with chemical contaminants.
Lead is a common type of chemical that can enter your water supply. Other examples of chemical contaminants are chromium and copper.
We can protect your health by lessening the possibility of backflow through our services.

Achieve Professional Results

It may be tempting to try to install or repair your backflow repair devices on your own. However, the results of our expert work are superior in terms of durability and quality to DIY options.
Gaining professional results with backflow services is crucial because it can have an impact on your well-being.

Get Value for Your Money

Whether you need help installing, repairing, or testing your backflow prevention devices, we make sure that you will get the best value for your money.
Our efficient services and long-lasting results will minimize your stress and maximize the function of your backflow prevention devices.

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